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UPM Adds New Kaeser Air Compressor

UPM recently installed a new @KaeserUSA 75 horsepower direct drive air compressor to replace an aging air compressor. “The new compressor is much more energy efficient and allows us to maintain our volume and pressure using less electricity”, said Walter Pipan, UPM’s Plant Engineering Manager.

“Plastic injection molding businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs to remain competitive in the marketplace”, remarked Steve Dowling, UPM’s VP of Operations. The new compressor will work in parallel with UPM’s secondary air compressor to ensure redundant air supply to its injection molding machines, molds, and automation.

UPM’s 100,000 square foot facility and large tonnage injection molding machines require a reliable and good quality compressed air system. This is just one way UPM reinforces the core value of “Operational Excellence”. UPM strives to be disciplined in everything, remove waste, and correct problems quickly to allow its customers to receive the highest quality products on-time.

UPM Injection Molding Air Compressor Photo

UPM Installs New Air Compressor to Baldwin Park California Facility

WSJ Blog Post Regarding Manufacturing and Job Growth

Here is a great post from the Wall Street Journal about how states with a solid manufacturing base are seeing job recovery. States like California who seem to have no interest in keeping manufacturing companies in the state are actually seeing jobless rates increase. UPM has seen several good, growing customers move out of state due to the ever rising costs of doing business here.

UPM can help offset may of the logistic costs of doing their manufacturing in Asia. If you take the total landed cost (freight, financing, inventory, tariffs, etc.) of a finished good and compare it to the cost of an injection molded, fully assembled product manufactured by UPM you will see the costs are typically the same or even a savings using domestic manufacturing.


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