Plastic Mold Repair Capabilities

If you’re in need of repair, maintenance, or modifications but don’t require production, UPM can get the job done in just a few, hassle-free steps. We’ll discuss your problem and come up with a strategy for its solution before providing you a detailed quote and turnaround time. We’ll complete the request and sample the mold in house for quality assurance, at which point we can make further alterations if needed. Customers are also welcome to sample molds themselves. UPM most commonly provides work for the following issues:


Parting line (flash) repair


Hot runner repairs

Elector system repairs

Complete mold refurbishments


Hot runner maintenance

Vent maintenance

Cooling line flush & cleaning

Mold cleaning

Ejection pin wear

Replace o-rings in water lines

Ejector pin bore wear maintenance




Why Work with UPM?

In addition to our 50 years in business helping a wide variety of customers, we’re also powered 24/7/365 by 300 employees, so you can count on UPM to have the skill and resources to successfully complete your project. We’re also one of the few facilities capable of working with large and heavy molds thanks to our onsite crane and forklift equipment. Another thing that sets our 127,000-square-foot facility apart is our ability to sample in house. There are other companies out there that focus on just repair and maintenance but lack sampling capability, costing customers added time and money. Working with UPM, you get a one-stop ally in handling all of your mold needs with care and commitment.

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