Our Assembly Capabilities

We’ve come a long way since we started Universal Plastic Mold. Our company doesn’t just cover plastic injection molding. We’re fully capable of realizing your product from concept to completion at our facility. Our dedicated assembly department has the experience, equipment, and knowledge to handle a variety of finishing tasks. We’ve mastered special packaging and assembly of multiple components, as well as machining, , painting, pad printing, two-part foaming, and hot stamping. UPM is also equipped to handle ultrasonic, vibration, hot-plate welding, gluing, drilling, and riveting. Our team is no stranger to anti-static PCB assembly, custom labeling and printing, and packaging into retail-ready boxes or containers. When you let us take care of your assembly and mold needs, you save the resources that are normally spent trying to tie the services of multiple production points. We can get your products produced, packaged, and ready to ship quickly without you having to worry about relocating them from place to place.

Quick Facts About Our Assembly Practices

  • We're capable of assembling multi-level BOMs and complicated parts.
  • We can achieve painted surfaces at a class-A level.
  • We implement proper wiring and testing.
  • We offer ESD assembly.

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