Our Tooling Capabilities

Our tooling and molding specialists work with our customers to provide engineering support to optimize the product’s design for best manufacturability at the lowest possible cost. Our engineers can read 3D part files in formats such as Pro Engineer (ProE), SolidWorks, IGES, and Step. Value-driven 2D and 3D file reviews, along with mold flow analysis capability, all help to ensure part moldability and error prevention. Our disciplined tooling department utilizes Gantt charts and project reports to monitor and track each step of the mold-building process so that our customers know when to expect their T1 samples (first-stage test-shot samples) and quality documentation. UPM delivers world-class results and competitive prices using the latest state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs.

Innovative Automation

UPM thrives on the challenges of high-volume injection molding construction to produce quality parts at a mutually-beneficial price. We have demonstrated expertise in implementing automation at the injection molding machines with flexible work cell automation systems. UPM can assist in tooling implementation and work to provide a complete automated solution for your program.

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