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Environmental Responsibility & Recycled Plastics

At UPM, we have a strong focus in being conscious of our impact on the environment in everything we do. Your customers are aware of the environmental impact that they make by the products they buy. Now, there is a certain level of appeal present in products made from recycled materials. We at UPM are the largest post-consumer and industrial recycled plastics consumer in the Western United States. We have extensive experience creating forward-thinking, eco-friendly products with our innovative plastic injection molding services. We also handle a variety of conversion from normal plastic to recycled plastics, blend operations, as well as metal to recycled plastic conversions. Our view is that if there’s an easy way to do our part in taking care of the environment that lets us give back, why not do it?

Lean Manufacturing & Innovative Logistics

The volatile worldwide marketplace of today requires that companies quickly adapt to rapid fluctuations in demand without choking on excessive inventory that can quickly strangle cash flow. Previously, companies accepted outsourcing manufacturing as an all-in-one silver bullet to lowering costs, increasing margins, and boosting competitive advantage. For a while, this was true, but now, “insourcing” is becoming the new outsourcing. UPM’s large facility has fully-integrated inventory management and warehousing on-site. We specialize in converting bulky and inefficient programs into lean and just-in-time production programs, making us 3PL experts.

When it comes to production lead times, speed is everything. When you choose a production facility within the U.S., it gives you the advantage of speed by means of decreased shipping times, and choosing UPM gives you the advantage of value. We have several injection molding machines in each size category, allowing us to have redundancy in machine capacity. We create specialized automated manufacturing work-cells to handle production efficiently in a manner that can quickly scale up or down with your real-time market demand. Customers’ order lead times are typically decreased from six to ten weeks overseas down to just one week with UPM. This eliminates the need to over buy large quantities of product based on forecasting demand, which keeps your company’s cash flow turning in a difficult-to-predict economy. We give you the freedom to order the exact quantities you need when you need them. No more tied up cash flow from poor forecasts. UPM gives you the ability to adjust production requirements faster and more accurately based on current sales figures. To add even more efficiency, we can also handle full assembly down to the retail box and direct shipping to customers and retail stores.

UPM is committed to providing you with a nimble, efficient solution to your production needs. With a Kanban program, we eliminate hassles and carrying expenses incurred by overseas container shipping, warehouses, container unloading and loading, inventory management, and more. In a blended manufacturing scenario, we can utilize our customers’ overseas production to produce the smaller subcomponents that are inexpensive to ship, while manufacturing the large parts and assembling the product in the U.S. By utilizing that strategy, we synergize the strengths of both overseas and U.S. manufacturing. This achieves lower landed costs than strictly China-based overseas manufacturing. That’s why UPM provides the plastic injection molding services of choice for many thriving Fortune 500 companies.

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