At UPM, we are proactive in our approach. We help our clients succeed by staying within budget, and we take great care of our clients’ inventories. With a nine-acre facility, we can offer many cost-effective transportation and logistics services to each and every one of our customers. We monitor with customized reports, report real-time status on every job, graphically illustrate scrap and downtime, summarize performance by the job, machine, mold, and part number, and create standard reports using Pareto and pie charts.

We make sure the numbers are easy to understand. Our reports to you are all-encompassing and factor in every aspect of production, sales, shipping, and more. Our goal is to make it easy for you to view and address information about your sales statistics to make more informed decisions about strategy you want to take in the future. You’ll never be left wondering where things are at with any job you have open with UPM.

Direct Shipping & Managed Delivery

Managing large volumes of outbound customer orders can be difficult and even intimidating to some plastic injection molders and distribution managers, but not UPM. We offer transportation solutions to both foreign and domestic destinations. You define the order flow, from the simplest of planning parameters to the most sophisticated functions.

With our close location to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, UPM can pick up and unload components and subcomponents from overseas shipping containers. Customers find it vastly less expensive to move their main manufacturing and assembly back to the United States but keep the smaller subcomponent manufacturing overseas. Since the smaller subcomponents can fit more plastic injection molding units in a shipping container, they have a much lower landed cost than the larger components, while the larger components and completed products achieve the lowest landed costs through lean U.S. manufacturing by UPM. This is how we have provided many Fortune 500 customers with lower landed costs than even China.

UPM molds and assembles main components into the retail packaging as desired by customers. We also can receive orders and schedule your shipments for you. By doing this, your cash flow is improved as we manufacture per the order quantity instead of guessing demand based on sales forecasts. This eliminates large costs related to producing and storing inventory. Customers often find lead times reduced by up to 92%. They enjoy never having to deal with their shipping matrix being strangled by multiple containers waiting on the water.

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