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Plastic Molding Success Story: GoodWag & UPM Collaboration

GoodWag represents an innovative approach to managing pet waste with an all-in-one pail and scoop system designed for pet owners called the PooPail. The company’s mission is to simplify pet waste cleanup, making it quick, environmentally friendly, and less burdensome for pet owners. This project success story explores GoodWag and Universal Plastic Molds (UPM) collaboration, highlighting the challenges faced and solutions provided during their project.

About GoodWag

GoodWag has revolutionized pet waste management with its unique product that combines convenience, sustainability, and durability. The GoodWag system includes a pail and scoop that enables easy pickup and storage of pet waste, designed to hold a week’s worth of waste with minimal effort. The product features biodegradable and compostable pail-liners, emphasizing environmental responsibility. Designed to withstand various weather conditions and ensure safety for both pets and humans, the GoodWag system boasts a lifespan of over ten years, setting a new standard in the pet waste management industry.

Why GoodWag Chose UPM

The journey to finding the right manufacturing partner was fraught with challenges for Sandy Stinson, the owner of GoodWag. Initially opting for production in China, Sandy faced significant hurdles due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent supply chain disruptions. Sandy sought a reliable and efficient alternative after an unsuccessful attempt with a manufacturer in Erie, PA, which resulted in unfulfilled promises and complications. UPM emerged as the solution, offering the expertise and resources needed to bring GoodWag’s vision to life.

What UPM Did for GoodWag

UPM’s involvement transformed the GoodWag product, starting with a comprehensive redesign of the original concept. By simplifying the design from seven molds to four, UPM made the product more ergonomic and integrated a new rake feature, enhancing its functionality. The redesign necessitated the creation of new molds compatible with U.S. production standards and involved selecting UV-resistant materials suitable for outdoor storage. This collaboration led to a 30% reduction in production costs per unit. UPM also saved GoodWag thousands in monthly warehousing fees, as UPM took on storing and distributing products from the start of their partnership.


Challenges and Solutions

The redesign process was not without its challenges. One significant issue was ensuring that the redesigned pieces fit together seamlessly. The snap-in feature, crucial for the product’s ease of use, required meticulous attention to detail. UPM’s team identified and addressed these design issues, implementing fixes before production commenced. This proactive approach averted potential setbacks, ensuring a smooth transition to the new design.

GoodWag Testimonial

Reflecting on the partnership, Sandy Stinson, President of GoodWag, Inc., expressed profound appreciation for UPM’s role in her company’s journey:

“UPM has become my most trusted business partner. After a horrid manufacturing experience on the East Coast, I don’t take their can-do attitude for granted. With UPM, we designed new molds to improve the product line, cut costs, and save time. I would not be in business today without the help and guidance from the whole team at UPM. They are the best.”

Successful Collaboration

The collaboration between GoodWag and UPM exemplifies how strategic partnerships can overcome significant industry challenges, leading to product innovation, cost reduction, and enhanced sustainability. This project showcases the successful redesign and production of the GoodWag pet waste management system. It highlights the importance of choosing the right plastic manufacturing partner to navigate unforeseen challenges and achieve business objectives.

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