Quote Phase

After you get in touch with us, one of our team members will ask you for more information about your inquiry, including CAD files, production qtys, materials, drawings, etc.

If you acquire design assistance, we have people that can help. Our partners’ extensive plastic design experience coupled with our excellent knowledge in injection molding allows us to put your dream together and bring your ideas into reality.

If you require new tooling, UPM will send RFQs to mold makers and use the information we gathered to provide you with a budgetary quote.

If you’re comfortable with the budgetary pricing, we’ll then gather mold maker quotes and continue calculating part prices in order to generate a written proposal for your project.

After accepting and sending off your PO, we’ll then send you a customer credit profile to set you up in our system. If new tooling is required we’ll also send the invoice for the tooling deposit at this time.

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Mold Design & Creation

Next, we’ll ask you to provide us with the final CAD designs and pay for the mold deposit. Once that’s settled, we’ll work with the mold maker to complete a DFM and send it to you so that you can review the design and ensure it’s ready for production according to your specifications.

If the DFM is approved and there are no changes to the design, the mold design is then created.

After mold design creation, we will sit down with you and the mold maker to review the design. Once you’ve approved the mold design, the mold build begins and can last anywhere from 8-12 weeks.

After being built, the mold maker will take T0 shots to make sure the mold functions properly.
If there are no problems, the mold maker will manufacture T1 samples from the correct material and molding process for the purpose of sending parts and a report to you to approve the mold.

If there are no changes needed, the mold can be prepared for shipment. Depending on where it’s coming from, this typically takes 4-6 weeks. After the mold arrives here at UPM, we complete an inspection of the mold before hanging the mold in a machine and completing our own first article production run to complete the final approval of the mold and parts.

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Once you’ve approved the mold for production, you’ll place a PO for however many parts you want. We’ll then order all the materials needed for the production run. Once all the materials have arrived we will run the production order.

Finished products are then moved into our warehouse, where we focus on the logistics of getting your finished products to where they need to go.

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Logistics & Delivery

No matter how you take your products, be it a truckload at a time or via several smaller shipments, we’ll work with you to ensure their safe and speedy delivery. We can even help you use a Kanban card system, where we go into a portal and look to see if you need us to ship to you. If you send us your customer specifics, we can also ship directly to your customers’ parcel by preparing, labeling, and shipping the products out.

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