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How to choose the right materials for rapid prototyping with injection molding

When it comes to mass-producing a specialized product or part nothing can actually hit the production lines until it’s been subjected to rigorous prototyping and testing. Thankfully, the professionals here at UPM are well-versed in the different materials that we use to help our clients prototype their own original equipment. Some of the most important things to consider when choosing a material include:


One of the primary priorities of successful prototyping is making sure that the equipment or part in question will hold up over time. Does the equipment you’re using see lots of abuse? We can help you select a material that boasts a high impact resistance. Need your prototype to withstand the wrath of the elements? We’ll help you choose a polymer that won’t melt in the heat or shatter in the cold.


Different types of equipment require different levels of flexibility. Need a prototype that has to remain fixed and rigid without being brittle? We can do that. Need something a little more flexible that can bend without breaking? We can do that as well. No matter what your needs, we’re here to help you find the perfect plastic material.

Temperature/Chemical Resistance

Is your equipment subjected to abnormally hot or cold temperatures? Do you work in potentially hazardous environments that require the use of chemically-resistant machinery or equipment? Our team of scientists and engineers know how different chemicals react when they come into contact with different materials and will be happy to provide their recommendations after meeting with you to figure out your exact needs.

Electrical Insulation/Conduction

Plastic polymers respond to electricity in different ways depending on their unique composition and molecular structure. If your equipment is going to be used in the production of electronics, then you’ll need to know you can depend on your prototyping company to recommend and manufacture a product made from the right materials for the job.

Tight Tolerances/Precision

All of our products are designed and fabricated in strict accordance with our customers’ measurements and guidelines. By using state-of-the-art technology and world-class machinery, we’re able to provide our customers with high-quality delivery of premium equipment that has been precisely built to their specifications.


As with anything that’s manufactured, some materials cost more than others. Our team of engineers and design specialists will help you select a material that is both cost-effective and appropriate for the unique applications of your equipment.

Expert prototyping services and design from an experienced, turnkey plastic manufacturer

We have proudly served as a reliable national provider of rapid prototyping and injection molding services for over 55 years. As a turnkey provider of prototyping services, we’re fully capable of handling every aspect of your unique part’s development, from the initial design consultation to the finished production run of a well-polished product. Everything that we do, from fabrication to assembly, we do in-house here at our 127,000 square foot facility. This not only allows us to cut down on costs and pass these savings on to our clients but also lets us drastically reduce our lead times in comparison to other similar companies. Contact us about a quote today!

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