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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Plastic Injection Molding at UPM

Creating products that are “green” is one of UPM’s top priorities. We take pride in staying green and supporting the environment with our choices. In the process of sustainable, eco-friendly plastic injection molding, we try to eliminate all tainted items by avoiding the mishandling the use of our plastic raw materials. Appropriate allocation of resources and knowledge maybe the key to our ability to keep our processes sustainable and kind to the environment.

Certified for Quality
Our company meets the highest standards for quality management. Our ISO 9001 certification confirms that we have been verified and that all our procedures meet or exceed industry standards. We are fully in control of all aspects of the quality management process, every step of the way.

Waste Reduction
We are an all-in-one facility that can handle complex assembly, packaging, and direct shipping locally. UPM’s lean manufacturing programs drives us to reduce waste and we recycle the excess plastic that is generated during the molding process. If done correctly, there will be no plastic waste generation whatsoever, allowing us to deliver products for a lower overall cost. Also, through our recycling initiatives, we’ve managed to salvage 100 cubic yards of box waste, making a huge difference in the whole operation.

Energy from Waste
UPMs power consumption has gone down dramatically due to vast improvements in mold technology and plant efficiency. The machinery used in our facility, just like home appliances, runs on electricity, so we managed to reduce our needs by using energy-from-waste technology. This reduces the cost of molding by 80% per kilogram of plastic and makes us a landfill-free facility.

Furthermore, plastic waste is eliminated from the molding process through the use of high-tech equipment. With better processing techniques in place, running simulation software and process modifications like hot-runner technologies and valve gates, we have managed to reduce the need to re-grind the waste generated, saving even more electricity.

UPM thinks green. From concept to market adoption, we are there every step of the way. As a corporation, we believe that it’s our responsibility to provide our clients with clean solutions that minimize waste while maximizing growth.

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