Streamline your Production Program with Logistics and Supply Chain services.

Building a manufacturing process can be difficult enough. Between managing all the expenses, working out material selections, patents, tooling, and more, you can quickly find yourself with a headache. When you start to consider the complexity of creating your supply chain and balancing the many variables that go into place, it’s obvious that choosing the right manufacturing partner is critical. We at UPM help our partners avoid having to deal with all those details by designing a program that works at the absolute lowest cost. This not only boosts your margins, but frees your company up to work on activities that allow your company to grow.

We have a large 9 acre facility with 127,000 sq ft of production and warehouse space. Our facility can load and unload both international and domestic containers, as well as store your product in a clean and safe manner whether it is bulk stacked or pallet racked.


Our experienced shipping team works wonders in order pulling, labeling, and consolidation for our clients as well as maintaining a 98% inventory accuracy on our finish goods. Our fleet of trucks transport local cartage and handle outbound and inbound freight for both domestic and international intermodal shipments. We handle everything from pulling the order, consolidating your freight, scheduling the pickup, and producing and managing the necessary shipping documentation needed for inventory control. We take pride in being a very versatile 3PL provider and can provide for any special program needs.

Michael Hartman, UPM’s Logistics Manager, explained it this way, “In a consistently changing global environment, UPM stays flexible and keeps your logistical supply chain flexible and lean. We have the ability to perform container pickup, customer consigned inventory, complex intermodal shipping programs, and much more. Because we are a full service manufacturing company, we are able to greatly lower the rapidly increasing shipping and logistics expenses currently plaguing businesses.”

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