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Choosing UPM as Your Plastic Molding Company

Plastic Molding CompanyThere’s a reason Universal Plastic Mold has been in operation since 1962, and we’ve come a long way in the last 55 years. We’ve worked on countless projects and have grown to be one of the largest plastic injection molders in the country. We’ve grown into a company with an unparalleled work ethic, an impressive track record of quality, and a level of customer service we can be proud of. Our process and capabilities have grown over the years, resulting in a multi-service, large-facility plastic molding company with a long list of customer success. Being it’s our 55th year in business, we wanted to provide insight into what you can expect when you work with the Universal Plastic Mold of today.

Learn more about the capabilities we currently offer below.

Plastic Injection Molding

With over 300 employees, large part capability, management experience, and ease of partnership, UPM is highly qualified to quickly and efficiently perform a variety of plastic injection molding services. We’re also able to do it sustainably. UPM is proud to be one of the western U.S.’s largest post-consumer and industrial recycled plastics consumers. Using innovative and eco-friendly solutions, we’re able to produce a better product for our customers consistently.

Tooling & Fabrication

At UPM, we have our own team of tooling and fabrication specialists. These experienced technicians work with the customer to achieve innovative product designs that allow for the best manufacturing at the lowest possible cost. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art engineering software in our tooling and fabrication process, and we track each step to promote effective communication across the team and the customer. In the end, we provide low-maintenance molds at highly competitive rates.

Assembly Services

Plastic Molding CompaniesPart of our customer service commitment is handling the secondary operations that distract and slow down business owners. Since our beginning, we’ve provided streamlined assembly services for our customers, offering the experience, staffing, and equipment to handle 100% of assembly needs. Our team excels at special packaging and assembly of multiple components, as well as machining, tapping, painting, pad printing, and hot stamping. UPM is also equipped to handle ultrasonic, vibration, hot-plate welding, gluing, drilling, and riveting.

Water Injection Molding

In addition to plastic injection molding, we also offer molding by water injection. This technique provides an interesting way to mold hollow or partially hollow parts and is similar to gas injection molding in that it cores out large sections. However, the advantage of water injection molding is its ability to cool directly inside the part, saving time. Other benefits include a reduction in part weight and warp, added strength to the part’s design, and a smoother inner wall, among others.

3rd Party Logistics

Our logistics services have proved to be an asset for our customers, helping control their costs and improve their competitive advantage. We us a strategic lean supply chain and plastic injection molding manufacturing practices that eliminate unneeded costs and maximize performance. We’re able to efficiently perform on-site warehousing and inventory control, overseas shipping container loading and unloading, coordination to distribution centers, direct shipping, and freight and asset management.


These core services allow us perform the way our customers need us to, and it’s a privilege to be able to provide one-stop solutions to those looking for an easier process at an affordable cost. We couldn’t offer all that we do without our exceptional team and leadership, as well as our program management approach, and we’re prepared to be around for another 55 years and counting.

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