Benefits of Water Injection Molding

One of the best innovations in plastic injection molding in the last couple of decades is water injection molding. This technique has several advantages, especially compared to gas-assisted injection molding. What is water injection molding? What is it used for? What are the benefits of water injection molding? From the experts at Universal Plastic Mold, here’s what you need to know about water injection molding.

What Is Water Injection Molding?

Also referred to as Water Injection Technology (WIT), water injection molding involves injecting water into the mold either to force the polymer outward, hollowing out the part, or to offset the melt into the mold. This technology is similar to gas-assisted technology with the added cooling benefits of water.

The thermal conductivity of water is 40 times greater than that of gas and its heat capacity is 4 times greater, allowing parts to cool from both the inside and outside for a lower risk of warp or sink marks.

What Is Water Injection Molding Used For?

Water injection molding is ideal for creating hollow or partly hollow parts, such as water pipes or door handles for refrigerators, ovens, and vehicles.

Benefits of Water Injection Molding

Some of the many benefits of water injection molding include:

  • Increased production due to shorter cooling times
  • Cost savings thanks to faster cycle times and material saved by using thinner walls
  • Reduced part weight and less material waste by reducing artifacts like warping, sink marks, and clamping force
  • More diversified set of options since water can’t be compressed the way gas can, so a greater degree of pressure can be produced

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