Plastic Custom Injection Molding

Catering to Louisiana’s diverse industrial landscape, from the bustling ports of New Orleans to the growing tech hubs of Baton Rouge, our custom injection molding services are engineered to precision and designed to scale.

Tooling and Plastic Fabrication

Our comprehensive tooling and fabrication services bring your ideas to life, supporting Louisiana’s unique market needs, from the petrochemical industries to the burgeoning fields of environmental technology.

Assembly Services

Ensuring products are meticulously assembled to meet the high standards of Louisiana’s businesses, UPM provides efficient, streamlined assembly services tailored to the local work ethic and pace.

Water Injection

Utilize our innovative water injection technology, which is ideal for creating resilient yet lightweight parts that stand up to the demands of Louisiana’s varied climate and industrial requirements.

Third-Party Logistics

Our logistics services extend beyond manufacturing, offering integrated solutions that enhance your reach from the Gulf Coast throughout the Southeastern United States, optimizing your supply chain and reducing costs.

Program Management

With UPM’s program management, experience a harmonious blend of services that carry your project from planning through to execution, all with the local knowledge and expertise that Louisiana’s dynamic market deserves.


Why make UPM your plastic molding partner in Louisiana? Our dedication to customer service and quality production speaks for itself. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what our satisfied Louisiana clients have to say:

Testimonial 1 – “Great company and easy to work with. They are responsive to our customer needs and willing to work with us to find the best solutions possible.” – Google User.

Testimonial 2 -”Friendly staff. Open and transparent about processes and how to address any issues.” – Google User.

Testimonial 3 – “It was great meeting up with you, Jason, and your staff, they were very knowledgeable and supportive. You all made us feel like we were a team working towards a great outcome for all of us and not just another customer.” Google User

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