An injection molding company that can scale.

UPM has a production and warehousing facility larger than 127,000 sq. ft with 37 injection molding machines ranging up to 2,000 tons. We are California's West Coast leader in large tonnage, high production plastic injection molding.

plastic molding facility
Advanced technology yields accuracy and efficiency.

UPM’s world-class production facility utilizes all of the latest cutting edge technologies such as water assist, gas assist, robotics, and real time reporting. We deliver on time, and with the highest total delivered value.

Advanced Technology
UPM makes assembly and packaging simple.

UPM’s assembly department takes the headache out of assembling and packaging your product. Our experienced team can perform a wide range of assembly processes, a few of which include: machining, tapping, painting, gluing, drilling, riveting, and retail packaging.

Assembly and Packaging
Logistics to boost your competitive advantage.

We have complete logistics solutions custom tailored to the needs of our clients. We can provide direct shipment, fulfillment, inventory management, storage, direct shipping, Just-In-Time / Kanban practices, customer consignment, and more.

Precision custom tooling for high quality parts.

We meticulously design customer tooling for maximum manufacturability, ensuring consistently high quality parts. Our 50 years of experience allows us to produce tooling with unparalleled efficiency, yielding customer injection molded plastic parts for the lowest cost.

Custom Tooling
Experienced management to lead your project to success.

Every manufacturing contract receives it's own production launch team specific to the individual client consisting of project, production, quality, procurement, and shipping managers. This assures that each project is delivered with accuracy, within quality guidelines, and on time.

Program Managment
Gain competitive advantage with UPM

No one understands how to solve the puzzle of assembling a complete plastics manufacturing solution like UPM. Discover how our total program management, full distribution, and third party logistics services can save your company money, drastically lower time to market, and increase quality.

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Over 50 years of experience in delivering success.

UPM is one of the nation's leading manufacturers for custom & large part injection molding. It is our mission to deliver quality and value beyond customer expectations. UPM is ISO/TS 16949 compliant and ISO 9001:2008 registered.

ISO 9001 Certified